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Terms & Conditions

Book with Confidence

Your wellbeing, safety, and happiness are important to us, so we want to make sure you’re able to book your trip with confidence. 

With Cats Claws Expedition Tours, you get risk-free booking. 

  • Days before arrival that cancelation is received Refund OR Travel credit

  • 30 days or more95% of total booking price100% of total booking price

  • 29 days to 4 days80% of total booking price100% of total booking price

  • 3 days or less50% of total booking price50% of total booking price

  • Please note that if your cancelation request is received on a Friday or public holiday, then this would be counted as less than 3 days’ notice. Cats Claws Expedition Tours office is open Monday to Friday.

  • These terms apply to all our vacation packages for up to 9 people and the general cancelation terms apply.


General terms and conditions

Cats Claws Tours reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions without notice.



Before making a reservation at Cats Claws Expedition Tours, we encourage you to read these Terms and Conditions carefully, as they constitute a contractual agreement between Cats Claws Expedition Tours and you, from the time the booking is made. The person who makes the booking accepts these conditions on behalf of all the people in the group and is responsible for all payments due.

By submitting a booking, you confirm to us that you will be bound by these arrangements.

Once you have submitted your booking and personal details through cats claws expedition booking portal, you will receive a confirmation of your booking via email. Please note that all online bookings require payment of 5% of the total package price at the time of the booking. If the booking occurs less than 30 days before your arrival date, full payment is required.

Most bookings are confirmed instantly.

Terms of payment

Please note that all online bookings require payment of 5% of the total package price at the time of the booking. If the booking occurs less than 30 days before your arrival date, full payment is required.

You will be informed by email when you need to pay the balance of your booking which is 30 days before your departure date.

We accept payments via Visa or Mastercard, direct to Mobile money, PayPal and debit card.

All prices quoted on Cats claws Expedition Tours are in Dollars ($) and in Kenyan Shillings (KES.) and per person, unless otherwise specified. All payments and refunds are due in Ksh/USD. 

Currency conversions are shown for your convenience and do not represent the exact amount you will be charged. The actual exchange rate will vary depending on the date you book and the rate offered by your card issuer. 

Your card issuer may charge you an additional transaction fee for payments in euros.

Cats Claws Expedition Tours is not responsible for any changes in currency exchange rates that might occur from the time of booking until a refund is made.


Validity of prices

All rates quoted or shown in our price lists are based on current prices. All prices mentioned on this site include VAT (value-added tax). Cats Claws Expedition Tours reserves the right to alter or change already published prices on the website without notice in the event of currency fluctuation, government taxes, or any such costs increases that are outside of Cats Claws Tours’ control.

Cats Claws Expedition Tours reserves the right to alter routes, itineraries, or departure times without prior notice should this be necessary due to weather or other events that are beyond Cats Claws Tours’ control. 

Prices are guaranteed against any surcharge after an invoice has been issued, unless the increase is due to government laws or currency changes and amounts to 5% of the package price or more. Amounts that exceed 5% will be charged and clients will be entitled to cancel their booking with a full refund if the surcharge exceeds 10%.

Any increase due to changes in government laws, i.e. tax changes, will be added to the invoice.

If a day tour, package, or guided tour is canceled due to circumstances outside our control, or minimum numbers are not reached, we will refund the money you have paid. Cats Claws Expedition Tours shall then have no further liability towards you.

Cancelation of day tours

If you cancel a day tour you have booked with Cats Claws Expedition Tours, you will receive a refund as set out in the table below.

  • Days before arrival that cancelation is received Refund

  • 7 days or more100% of total booking price

  • 6 days to 4 days50% of total booking price

  • 3 days or less None

  • If you cancel with 3 days’ notice or less, we are unable to provide a refund.


If you need to make an amendment to your booking, you must notify us via email at least 4 weeks before your arrival date. For amendments.

Some suppliers charge fees for amendments. In this case, any extra fees will be added to your total.

Please note that amendments may not be possible within 3 weeks of departure.

The company and its agents act as agents of the passengers in all matters relating to hotel/lodge accommodation, tours, transport etc and shall be liable for injury, delay, loss or damage in any matter. The company’s liability to passengers carried in it’s own vehicle is governed by the laws of the country in which the tour takes place and no other country. All claims are subjected to the jurisdiction of the courts of the country in which the action arises. The company reserves the right to employ sub-contractors for all or part of the serves.


NOTE: All expeditions involve an element of personal risk and at times can be of hazardous nature. Expedition members must accept this risk. We are not liable for any loss, damage, injury, expensive delay, or inconvenience caused to you or your baggage as a result, whether directly or indirectly, or any matter of whatever nature which is outside our control. All participants are advised to take an insurance policy to cover personal accident and medical expenses. This can be arranged by us at a low price.


Climbing Equipment
Gear for mountain climbing is not included in the tour price but can be hired for Mountain Safaris.

Voltage throughout is 220 – 240 AC. Most of the Safari Vehicles have a cigarette lighter socket operating on a 12 volt system. In private tented camps there is no electricity – lodges and private houses will have electricity. Bring adapter plugs.

Visitors should respect the altitude of the local people towards photography and only use their cameras if they have permission from “models” to do so. Never try to “steal” a photo against the will of the person concerned. Lets your guide help you negotiate the terms before you start shooting.


Food and Water
Meals include English breakfast, buffer or picnic lunches and table dinners. A range of imported wines and spirits are available along with a selection of local beers and sodas. Although tap water is reasonable safe, we recommend that whenever possible drink bottled water.


On Safari
The best times for viewing animals are in the cool hours of the early morning and late afternoon. Therefore our usual routine will be to rise early, before leaving the camp on a game ride or drive.

Thank you!

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